From the Artist

Our oceans and waterways are teeming with marine algae – the essence of life in an underwater world. This book illustrates the beauty of an environment that most people will never see.


This body of work is an attempt to capture the feelings I experience when I move through these spaces. When diving with my camera, I am alone, completely disconnected from the distractions of the terrestrial world. My only concentration is to keep the rhythmic sounds of my breath moving through my regulator. It's a juxtaposition between being in the most peaceful and beautiful place on earth and the absolute faith I have in my equipment and abilities to be able to survive such a hazardous environment.


Find somewhere quiet to read this book and try to imagine the sensation of being a guest in such a wondrous place. A world that is alive and constantly moving. You can decide to surrender to this motion and allow the ocean to guide you, or you can move weightless in any direction you choose. The only constant is that you are always a visitor and you can never stay for long.


I wonder if this is why it remains so beautiful?


Seaweed - art meets science.


Ian Wallace

Landscape Photographer