As a landscape photographer, some may say this publication is a digression from my professional work . This book does not contain a single photograph that was taken on dry land or even above the surface of the ocean! Instead, this book is a collection of images that have been captured during my many adventures scuba diving around Tasmania, Australia.


I love to scuba dive and in Tasmania, I believe we are blessed with some of the most scenic and ecologically unique underwater environments in the world.


This book is a collection of images from the exhibition 'Seaweed - art meets science'. These images are the closest I can get to describing how I feel whilst exploring the seascapes around the Tasmanian coast.


Whilst enjoying these images, try to imagine being there; you are completely weightless; your body enveloped in the cool, dark and salty waters of the ocean. The only sounds are your respirator, the consistent, rhythmic pulse of your breath escaping to the surface and the occasional cracking and popping of air equalising in your inner ear. You can feel tonnes of water pressure exerting its weight on your body and you are at the mercy of your equipment, the environment and its inhabitants.


On the 28th March 1960 , in an interview with Time magazine, Jacques-Yves Cousteau stated:

" Buoyed by water, he can fly in any direction - up, down, sideways - by merely flipping his hand. Under water man becomes an archangel."


Become an archangel with me.